The story

About Us

If you enjoy clubbing, we have the perfect night planned for you. The celebration just never stops with Amigos.

Amigos exist simply to ensure that you are never alone in the ever-augmenting Metaverse. They'll always be by your side and whenever you're feeling down, they'll be the first to suggest, "Vamos al nocheclub!"
Discover Amigos, a charming and laid-back NFT project with intriguing utilities.


Our Goals


Phase I: PreMint

- Preparation of Artwork.
- Official Twitter Launch.
- Official Discord Server Launch.
- Whitelisting our Early Supporters.
- Official Website Launch.

Phase II: Mint

- 2222 animated Amigos get released on the solana blockchain.
- Minting : Community members will be able to receive an Amigos from pre-sale and public mint.
- 90% of overall supply will be reserved for Whitelisted and OG members and rest will be left for the public sale.
- TheAmigos listed on Magic Eden and other marketplaces .

Phase III: Post Mint

- Setting up private holder chats.
- Creation of AmigoDAO.
- Setting Up Twitter and Discord Sales Bots.
- $MIGO Token Launch.
- Setting up a Staking for each Amigo.

Phase IV : Future Plans

- Creation of Amigoverse.
- Gen II | Amigoverse Land Mint.
- Metaverse Intergration with Art Gallery .
- Continue Building.

Team Members

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amigos ?

TheAmigos are fun party creatures that are a fully animated collection on the Solana blockchain.

Supply ?

There will be a total of 2222 Amigos.

Mint Price ?

1.25 SOL

Mint Date ?

19Th May, 3 PM UTC

How to get Whitelisted ?

Information about getting whitelisted will be available in our discord server.

Secondary Market ?

We will be listed on Magic Eden post mint.